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Welcome to the Best Practices link on the Lake Eola Charter School Web site. What you will find at this link are lessons from the staff at Lake Eola Charter School (LECS) that reflect best practices in the field of education. These lessons have been “client” tested and have proven successful with all kinds of learners. They reflect out of the box methodologies that teach skills, develop critical thinking and are fun for students. We invite you to use these lessons and email us with your feedback. Questions particular to the lessons should be directed to the specific teachers.

Since LECS is a K-8 school, we intend on adding new lessons regularly so a wide range subjects and grade levels. If there are particular lessons you are looking for, do not hesitate to e-mail us. Feel free to modify the lessons as need be. Enjoy!

2nd grade—How are we alike and different?
3rd grade—Structure and composition of the earth
3rd and 4th grades—"Three Days on a Red River Canoe"
4th and 5th grades—Spanish vocabulary
Middle school—Poetry everywhere

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