Classroom Items Vocabulary



Subject area:  Spanish


Grade level:   4 /5 grade


Time Needed:            50 minutes


Standard:        Uses the target language to exchange information.


Materials:      A paper bag containing commonly used classroom items such as; a pencil, an eraser, a ruler, a pen, a notebook, paper and a book.  Music CD, “         “,   overhead projector, vocabulary handout.



  1. Open class by playing the song, “Que hay en la clase?”. 
  2. After song has played once, ask the students if they recognize any of the vocabulary.  Do they know what the song is about?
  3. Play the song again but hold up or point out the classroom items that are being sung about.
  4. Put the paper bag with the classroom items on the table and say the vocabulary in the L2.  Ask the question, “Que hay en la bolsa?”  Answer with, “Hay un/una ____________.”  Go through all the items in the same manner.  Be sure to review the correct use of un/una/unos/unas. 
  5. Have students repeat the vocabulary as you say it. 
  6. On the overhead, explain to the students that “Hay” means both “There is or There are”.  Model how communicated as a statement or as a question.  Discuss the use of voice inflection tells the listener that you are asking a question.  Have students think about English and how we let the listener know that we are asking a question.  Compare and contrast the two languages.    
  7. Now ask the question, “Que hay en la clase?”.   Answer each question but have the students show you the items that they have.  Encourage students to ask the question and to answer.
  8. Now, model how to play the game, “Que no esta?”.  Place the items on the table.  Have students look at the items and then cover their eyes.  Remove one or two items and let students say what is missing.
  9. Break students into groups of 3.  Give each group their own collection of items and have them play “Que no esta?”.
  10. Give students a handout with the vocabulary words that they have learned. Using an overhead of the same handout go over with the students.
  11. Explain their homework assignment which is to practice the vocabulary at  Students will find matching, flash cards, concentration and word search games.
  12. End lesson by asking students to recap what we did in class today.  Tell them that knowing this vocabulary is going to be essential because they will be hearing it everyday.


Differentiation:          Encourage the gifted students to ask and answer the “Que hay en la clase?” questions.  Also, place these students together as a group when playing the game.


Technology Link:       Quia website for more practice.  Very enjoyable.


Assessment:   Observe students by circulating around room while playing in           small groups.


Cross Curricular:       Language arts when discussing grammar.