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Assignment for 8/30-9/3

Nightly: 30 minutes of independent reading.
Due Wednesday night by 9 pm on Google Classroom: A first draft of AT LEAST ONE free verse, blank verse, or rhymed poem (12 line minimum). Students will have time to complete and submit this in clas, but if they need or want additional time, or choose to submit more than one poetry draft, they may work on it at home and submit it by Wednesday night.

Parents, please note: Nightly reading is not optional in language arts. Even if your child tells you they have read in class, or during math, or at lunch, they should be reading for at least 30 minutes at home IN ADDITION.

All students have now set a reading goal (a number of books that it is reasonable for them to read, given their personal reading rate). Ask them how many books they plan to read this trimester (the trimester ends on October 28th). They will meet this goal if they do their nightly reading plus the time I give them to read during class. If they choose to read in addition to the requirement, they will exceed their reading goal (and my expectations for their independent reading this trimester). More importantly, they will begin to develop lifelong reading habits. Reading at home is essential to effectively developing this essential skill.