LECS Foundation

The Lake Eola Charter School Foundation was created as a fundraising arm of LECS, Inc. The mission of the Foundation was to raise the necessary down payment for a permanent facility in the downtown corridor. That goal was accomplished in 2010 when the property at 135 North Magnolia Avenue was acquired. The Foundation continues to exist as a source of revenue to pay the mortgage and encourages current families and alumni to contribute to the Foundation.

LECS Foundation funds are invested through a local broker at Smith Barney. The bulk of the funds (85%) is invested in secure CDs with the balance in a slightly more aggressive market fund. In the unlikely event that the school would close, the Foundation Board has determined that its assets would be liquidated and donated to three non-profit organizations—Big Brothers/Big Sisters, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and a local battered women’s shelter.

The Foundation accepts checks mailed directly to the school or via PayPal. Thank you for your continued support.