The school charter requires that families support the school by volunteering their time. Almost every charter school in Florida has this policy, with most requiring 50 or more hours per year. For LECS, a family with one child enrolled is required to contribute at least 25 hours, while families with two or more children must contribute at least 30 hours of volunteer service. If a family is unable to volunteer their time, hours may be purchased at the rate of $10.00 per hour for the first 10 hours and at the rate of $20.00 per hour after that to retain enrollment for the subsequent year. If the volunteer hour requirements are not fulfilled, your child/ren will not be permitted to re-enroll in LECS for the subsequent year!

Note that it is the parent’s responsibility to record hours on the volunteer website. Volunteering as a chaperone on overnight school trips requires fingerprinting. Parents must take the fingerprint applicant form with them to their fingerprinting appointment.

Parents who wish to serve as drivers on school field trips must complete the following:

Other applicable volunteer forms to be completed by all parents include:

Activities counting toward volunteer hours

  • assisting teachers in any classroom or office (i.e., copying, working in centers, etc.)
  • presenting art, music, or other approved lessons
  • working during lunch duty
  • walking to the library, History Center, Lake Eola, or the Recreation Center
  • chaperoning field trips
  • editing, copying, collating, and distributing the newsletter
  • preparing teacher requested materials (i.e., cutting patterns for Cluster I)
  • helping sponsored clubs like Student Council
  • working on school clean up days
  • any skill area (like plumbing or carpentry) to aid in school improvements
  • managing or administering Lunch Bunch

Activities not counting toward volunteer hours

  • helping non-school clubs (i.e., Girl Scouts)
  • attending a Board, SAC, or PTSA meeting
  • attending most committee planning meetings
  • manning telephones to find volunteers

More information may be found by reading the LECS Volunteer Manual.

If you have any questions regarding volunteering at LECS, please contact the school at the phone number listed below.